Alma L. TavesAlma Lorraine Taves, 90, passed away peacefully at home with her family on Saturday, January 10th, in Trumansburg, New York.  She was born Alma Lorraine Reece on May 31, 1924, in Oklahoma City, to Roy and Agnes Reece (Kelly), and lived there until the family moved to California when she was 14.  In 1942, when she was 18, she met and married Edward W. Taves, and they remained married for 67 years until Ed passed away in 2009.  Both Ed and Alma were from rather large families, she with 4 siblings and Ed with 6, so she was admired and loved by very many nieces and nephews.

Alma was always a busy, productive and hard working woman.  She liked working outside the home at a time when it was still not common for many women, working in the legal and real estate escrow industries, where she was widely respected for her competence and integrity.  But her higher sense of loyalty was to family in the extended sense, both her’s and her husband’s.  She was a avid amateur genealogist and knew more about the history of both families than anyone else on either side, assembling photo and documentary history books with all the information she could gather.

Alma is survived by her son Michael (Kathleen), her daughter Deborah, grandchildren Matthew Taves (Jessica) and Kerén Castro (Maury), and five great grandchildren, Lucas and Jacob Taves, and Delia, Chiara and Gabrielle Castro.  Services will be conducted by Ness-Sibley Funeral Home in Trumansburg at a later time yet to be announced.